Anywhere, while using your phone


Photos, videos, music - Never run out of juice


SoloQi is always there for you, never miss the best moments

SoloQi X Car

Follows you everywhere in your or on your desk


Wireless Charging Anywhere

  • Convenience

    Charge anything anywhere anytime. Wireless.

  • Style

    Designed with x-factor qualities, simplicity, elegance, and style.

  • Functionality

    Power bank, portable charger, and kickstand all in one. 

  • Affordable

    Luxury devices at affordable prices, a universal solution for every phone model ending the vicious repurchasing cycle. 


The SLIM can charge everywhere.

The first-ever charger to be powered by USB, making it a reliable source of power when you need it most. This Swiss army knife of charging includes a kickstand, a wireless charger, a battery and a USB plug all packed into a pocket-size sleek and beautiful device, by cutting the cable short the SLIM is the world’s first true WIRELESS charger.

SoloQi PRO

The PRO can charge everything.

The power that goes with you, one solution for your phone and all your devices, adapts to your hectic lifestyle by charging two devices at once. A fusion of battery, power bank, and a kickstand to use your phone hands-free, giving you the ultimate experience of effortless and portable charging. The charger that will actually get you excited and you will love to own

X Mount

The X Mount completes the charging cycle.

The power you need where you spend your time most, on your desk, in your car, or on your nightstand, so versatile you can mount it in your air vent or on any flat surface. This stationary engineering marvel gives you the flexibility to position your phone at any angle, and designed to bring driver’s safety and style to a whole new level.

SoloQi 360

The 360 creates a charging mindset like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

By creating a full charging grid, you will enjoy the freedom, mobility, and style of an effortless charging breakthrough at a radically fair price, eliminating the worry of running out of battery and the need of buying new chargers for every device. One solution for power wherever, whenever, and however you live your life.

Pick Your Solo Qi

Everyones need is different.

Explore all our Wireless Chargers, from the slim to the Pro edition. Pick your freedom.

Meet Solo

Hi, my name is Solo Avital, as a filmmaker and visual effects artist for TV and cinema, I was always on the run and always running out of battery. Frustrated with the unsatisfying solutions in the market, I used my 3D software to design an ideal solution of a portable charger that I can use to power all my phones and other gadgets, use on any phone or phone case, with a kickstand so I can work hands-free to watch videos and make calls, while my phone is charging anywhere I go, seamless to use and carry, and most importantly with No Cables Attached.