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About SoloQi

We are a group of young and enthusiastic chasers of the best charging technology that can deliver connivance and style.

The potential of the future and the needs of everyone to be able to snap and charge any phone, and have it customized are our sources of motivation.

As a passionate content creators and innovators, we are exploring more possibilities for functional ease and style.

We are delighted to engage more people to experience this with us.

Please follow our Instagram and watch fresh content by us and users like you. Our magnetic devices are a game changers, cool and highly useful to charge our phones, drones, iPads, tablets, headphone, laptops, smartwatch and so much more.



PRO magnetic power on the go

A must have Snap & Charge all wireless phone models. Charge 2 devices at the same time.

200% extra battery

Experience the effortless and portable charging on a kickstand. 
7000mAh to give you all the power it needs 24 hours a day.

X Mount Snap & Charge in the car

Diamond chamfer Aluminium

Dashboard + Air vent double mount

10W magnetic wireless charger

Smart cooling

USB-C fast charging

Increase driver's safety

SoloQi 360 - The Complete Charging Ecosystem | Home | Office | Car | On The Go

With 2 X Mounts, one for you car and second one for you desk, plus 1 PRO - The set a whole family can share regardless which phones you're using. 5 STARS RATED by users like you. Check the reviews!

Magnetic Wireless Charging

For All Phone Users In The World

  • Convenience

    Charge any wireless and/or USB device everywhere now, or other devices you will upgrade too in the future.

  • Style

    Designed with simplicity, elegance, and style.

  • Functionality

    Wireless and USB charging with portable kickstand capable to charge 2 devices at once.

  • Eco-Friendly

    No need to repurchase and trash toxic batteries. Our products will work with all your upgraded devices for years.

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