All-In-One Portable Magnetic Wireless Charger Kickstand

Fast Wireless + USB | Magnetic Power Bank with a kickstand. Capable to charge all wireless and wired phones, as well as 2 phones simultaneously šŸ¤˜šŸ¼

10w Fast Wireless Magic Mount Charger

A fast wireless charging desk mount for home, office, car dashboard or air vent.

This can be the last time you see a low battery message!

Hi Live Life On Your Own Terms šŸ‘ŠšŸ¼ Watch!


The USB plug on the SLIM turns the devices to a portable wireless charger. Just plug it into any USB outlet and charge, no cables required.

See how each piece works on its own and combines with the rest

A sense of freedom like no other

Scratch battery off your list of concerns

Prolong your phone's battery health

Small details, big differences

Charging Re-Imagined

SoloQi introduces a hands-free use and interaction with any device in the car, at the office and on the go. 

Live Life On Your Own Terms

The thin magnetic pads are the secret to new charging experience. Simply affix one of our magnetic pads to your phone / case and instantly charge with the PRO, or X Mount you can use on any desk and in the car. Share power with everyone around, spread the magic and join our mission to finally introduce a unified charging system for everyone, with every phone model, anywhere we go and have it in style!

Check them out!

No need for adapters when traveling


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