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SoloQi PRO

50% OFF

Working At Home Special!

Luxury Bundle

2 X mounts.
One  for the car and second one for your desktop.
Portable wireless charger with a kickstand 200% extra phone use time - charge 2 devices simultaneously. 

Watch SoloQi 360 in action

SoloQi PRO

With its 7000mAh battery, this compact portable charger delivers up to 200% extra phone time. 

Pop the kickstand and use your phone hands-free while charging at the same time. The PRO is also capable of charging 2 devices simultaneously,

SoloQi X Car | Desk mount


"It’s the safest car mount I’ve ever used!" 

"Life saver literally!"

"The SoloQi X Car/ Desk is probably the last one I’ll ever need to buy!"

"This is a great product, after I bought one I ended up getting them for all my cars and business fleet!"

Watch SoloQI X Mount

SoloQi SLIM - True Wireless Lifesaver Charger

The SLIM is a light-weight wireless battery charger with USB plug that turns any USB port into a wireless charger

No Cables required!

Recharge the SLIM by plugging it into a wall cube, your computer, the plane, USB ports are practically everywhere

Comes with a built-in kickstand to use your phone hands-free, while charging in the horizontal or vertical positions

2750mAh battery keeps you going when you need power the most

Weighs only 3.8 oz
Soft Touch Finish

Traveler's lifesaver!

Watch SoloQi SLIM

Stick | Snap | Charge

Stick a Mag Pad on any phone or phone case, snap it on any SoloQi and BAMM!


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