Charging Re-Invented

Use your phone while charging it at the same time


Anywhere, while using your phone


Capture your best moments

SoloQi X Car

Snap & Charge everywhere! In your car or on your desk

Magnetic Wireless Charging

For All Phone Users In The World

  • Convenience

    Charge any wireless and/or USB device everywhere now, or other devices you will upgrade too in the future.

  • Style

    Designed with simplicity, elegance, and style.

  • Functionality

    Wireless and USB charging with portable kickstand capable to charge 2 devices at once.

  • Eco-Friendly

    No need to repurchase and trash toxic batteries. Our products will work with all your upgraded devices for years.

X Mount

The X Mount 10W fast magnetic wireless charger you can mount on your desk, in your car dashboard or air vent. 

This is our stationary mount, an engineering marvel that gives you the flexibility to position your phone at any angle, and designed to bring driver’s safety and style to a whole new level.

SoloQi PRO

Experience the effortless and portable charging. 
Charge 2 devices simultaneously.
7000mAh to give your phone all the power it needs to keep you going. 

SoloQi 360

With 2 X Mounts and 1 PRO you're all set!
The effortless charging experience at home, office, car and on the go.


The SLIM can charge everywhere.

A Swiss army knife of charging includes a kickstand, a wireless charger, a battery and a USB plug all packed into a pocket-size sleek and beautiful device, by cutting the cable short the SLIM is the world’s first true WIRELESS charger.

Pick Your SoloQi

Everyone's need is different. Pick your freedom.

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News: Opening in Australia Nov 2020

SoloQi launch in Australia was delayed by 10 months due to COVID but nothing can stop us now. November 15th, 2020 marks the date of our launch at LiTMUS LAB - MYER in three major hotspots. Sydney, Melbourn, and Brisbane. You can already pre-order all SoloQi products online at LiTMUS LAB - MYER

News: Opening in Dubai Nov 2020

We can't wait to meet you at b8ta - Dubai Mall


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