Qi V2

It's a new world

Snap & Charge


250+ Phone models
1000+ Accessories

Created for Creators

Hand free use of the phone on a kickstand, portable, magnetically snaps intact for the go with 200% extra battery.

Compatible with 250+ Wireless Phone models and 1000+ Accessories. Charge 2 devices at once.

X Mount

The Ultimate Car / Desk charger
Increase your driver's safety!

- Diamond chamfer Aluminium - Dashboard + Air vent double mount - 10W magnetic wireless charger - Smart cooling USB-C fast charging

SoloQi 360 - Best Seller

With 2 X Mounts, one for you car and second one for you desk, plus 1 PRO - The set a whole family can share regardless which phones you're using. 5 STARS RATED by users like you. Check the reviews!


2 X-Mount


6 Mag Pads (3 Nano + 3 Permanent)

3 Fabric threaded soft USB C cables

3 Replacement 3M for the X-Mount

1 Alignment Pad


How to use SoloQi Mag Pads

Magnetic Wireless Charging with NFC

Unlock your home, garage, workplace or hotel room with our NFC Mag Pad

SoloQi® PRO All-in-One Wireless Charger & Power Bank 

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Meet the World’s First Charging Ecosystem: SoloQi

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SoloQi Is Set to Disrupt the Wireless Charging Industry

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Score the portable charging gear you need for all your Apple devices 

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SoloQi® PRO All-in-One Wireless Charger & Power Bank

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No More Tangled Wires While Driving! 

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About SoloQi

We provide cutting-edge wireless technology with style, power, and convenience. Our mission is to give you the ability to charge any phone model and any wireless device -- anywhere, anytime. We want it all, and so do you. 

As consumer tech enthusiasts from the world of commercial content creation, we demand the best. SoloQi was created by Hollywood commercial filmmaker Solo Avital, who sensed a business opportunity in the wireless charging market when he found that the dominant brands were lacking the things he demanded most: universality, convenience and style.