3 Pack Magnetic Pads | Nano Suction (Reusable)

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Magnetic Power!


The thin magnetic pads are the secret to our universal wireless charging experience. Affix any of our Mag Pads to your phone case and instantly connect with SoloQi SLIM and PRO battery extenders on the go, with the X Mount at home, office and in the car and stay fully charged everywhere you go. 

Use your phone hands-free and charge your phone hassle-free at the same time. 

The magnetic pads affix to your phone case or phone and come in several types, shapes, and colors. 

Nano Suction magnetic pads (multiple applications)

Our nano suction pads are designed to be shared, reused, and reapplied many times - whether directly on your phone or on a flat surface phone case.

Permanent magnetic pads (single application) 

The permanent magnetic pads come with strong adhesive tape to allow them to be used on rubber and leather phone cases. 

This type of pad is designed to be applied once, used over a period of time, and applied to the center of a phone case using the alignment pad included in the packaging. Removing the permanent magnetic pad after 1 application will damage the sticker, but more can easily be ordered here on our site. 

WARNING: Do not adhere to the permanent magnetic pad directly on your phone. Permanent magnetic pads are meant to be used on the phone case ONLY. 


Technology simplified.

Watch movies with your phone horizontally. Lay it flat to charge without fuss. Stand it up to FaceTime or video message with friends. Snap it into your car and go. The magnetic pads keep you locked into power and make virtually every other task easier. 



Stay powered everywhere you go. 

With the magnetic strips, you can snap into any SoloQi device - in your car, at work, or at home. 



Share power with friends.

Purchase a set for your friends. Have a Mag Pad ready to share and impress your friends because now you can charge iPhone, Galaxy and hundreds of phone model users. 

SoloQi system is a set of universal wireless chargers, any Qi enabled phone can charge on your SoloQi SLIM, PRO or X Mount. This means that

As versatile as you are.

These magnetic pads work with all of your SoloQi devices and let you charge your devices and use them hands & hassle-free. 



Set includes: 3 Nano Suction magnetic pads

Multiple applications / reusable: Nanosuction pads 

Shipping weight: 1 oz

Shipping package: Flat mailer

Dimensions: 2.5 inches x 3.375 inches 

Works with any Qi-enabled phone: See a list of Qi enabled phones here. 

Note: A limited number of magnetic pads are included in bundles, with the SoloQi SLIM, SoloQi PRO, and the SoloQi X Mount.


Will it work on my phone?

SoloQi supports over 100 different phone models
List of Qi-enabled phones models
Our mission is to make wireless portable and accessible to everyone and to create seamless and easy-to-use products that complement our lifestyle instead of making it so complicated. We want to stop worrying about the charge and get useful.