SoloQi X Car|Desk Mount

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SoloQi X  

Car | Desk Mount

The SoloQi X Car & Desk Mount is an engineering marvel. Made out of precisely cut aluminum with a diamond chamfer for fast cooling, The X is a sleek and high-end 10W fast wireless charger that is built to last and increase diver safety to where it should be. No fumbling with cables while driving.

  • Magnetic Wireless Charger
  • 10W / 2A Fast charging 
  • Car Air Vent mount
  • Car Dashboard mount
  • Desk Mount
  • Compatible with all Qi-wireless phones  

Mag Pads X2
1 Permanent +1 Nano Suction

Will it work on my phone?
 SoloQi supports over 100 different phone models
List of Qi-enabled phones models
30-day money-back guarantee.