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Our story

My name is Solo Avital, as a former filmmaker and special effects producer for TV and cinema, I was always on the run and always running out of battery. Frustrated with the unsatisfying solutions in the market, I used my 3D software to design an ideal solution of a portable charger, with a kickstand, to be able to work hands-free and watch videos, while my phone is charging, anywhere I go, and most
importantly with No Cables Attached.

After a 2 years journey of R&D in my design studio in Los Angeles, with endless design updates and improvements, packaging iterations, company formation, patents, certifications and testing, SoloQi was mass produced and launched on November 1st 2019, with an overwhelming success at events from coast to coast and online sales.

The new decade we’ve just entered, is going to be dominated by Qi wireless enabled devices. SoloQi is the only solution to deliver a seamless charging experience for every phone user in the world to simply Snap&Charge.

No more hustling with cables, different type of connectors, plugs, heavy portable batteries and useless car mounts - Welcome to SoloQi.


Solo Avital 
Founder | Designer | CEO

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The Problem

Today, mobile phones are larger, require more energy, and are used for more functions than ever before. Through apps and video chats we changed the way we interact with each other, this requires more power out of our phones. The existing solutions are not up to date with the growing demand for convenience, comfort and speed. Most chargers today require an outlet and a cable, they are bulky, expensive and still not universal to all phone models. Since the introduction of smartphones, the last innovation in the mobile charging market was by mophie more than a decade ago.  

SoloQi Solution

SoloQi is solving our generation’s most common problem - running out of battery. 
Chargers should be convenient and not force us to hustle with cables and endless charging devices just to remain charged. SoloQi adapts to your lifestyle by creating a full charging ecosystem at home, at the office, in the car and practically anywhere you go. The secret to our effortless charging experience is a patented Magnetic Pad (Mag Pad) that fully integrates with wireless technology and ensures your phone is properly aligned to the charging spot anytime, anywhere. SoloQi is creating an effortless, seamless and fun charging experience for every phone user in the world. Making sure you are fully charged, always connected and truly free from ever having to worry about an empty battery again.