USB-C to USB-C Cable

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Our USB C to USB C cable is perfect to help you connect and charge your devices to your computer. 

This accessory is the fastest charging cable on the market, and the USB C cable insures the fastest charging speed at 2V for any of our devices.

Use this power cable to charge your SoloQi Devices if you have a MacBook Pro 2016 or newer. This product comes in one length: 

  • 3 feet (36 inches / 91.44 cm) 


Material: Soft, black nylon. Braided fabric cable. 

Charging speed: 2V 

Weight: 1 oz 

Shipped package weight: 1 oz


Will it work on my phone?

 SoloQi supports over 100 different phone models
List of Qi-enabled phones models
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