SoloQi X Car|Desk Mount

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SoloQi X ®
Car | Desk Mount


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Most of us are familiar with car mounts. SoloQi X is currently the fastest wireless charger mount in the market, for your office desk, nightstand, car dashboard, and air vent. It's a design and engineering marvel with elegance, and flexibility. 



 When it comes to our home or office, our phones usually occupy a random piece of desk real-estate, the SoloQi X mount takes only 32mm of space, placing the phone in front of you at any angle.

On Your Car Dashboard

You can use the charging mount by securing it to the dashboard or unscrewing the bottom base and securing it to the air vent.  

On Your Car Air Vent

On Your Desk

Giving your phone the place it deserves by securing the mount onto your desk in style. The X allows you to interact with your elevated phone and adjust it's angle so that you can easily see it and have less strain on your neck. Also, it is perfectly positioned to unlock facial ID.

 Functional, beautiful and built to last

Mounted on the stand or clipped into the air vent. Have your phone horizontal or vertical. However you want it, the SoloQi X mount adapts to you. You don't have to compromise beauty for functionality. The SoloQi X Mount was designed to be simple, stunning and classic. 

What makes it the best 

Our SoloQi X is the fastest mount charger on the planet, with a 10W fast wireless magnetic charger at 2Amp. Sleek, high-end precisely cut aluminum, beautifully designed ALL-IN-ONE Compatible with any device containing Qi-wireless charging capability. Just put on a Magnetic Pad and start charging. Power for all.

Our Patented Magnetic Pads

Using the magnetic pads, your phone connects to the mount stand and instantly charges simultaneously holding your phone for use.  The magnetic pads allow you to properly place it easily without scrambling with cables or clamping it in.


Specs:  Works with any Qi-enabled phone: See a list of Qi enabled phones here.  Wireless magnetic charger 10W at 2Amp 4.5 oz device Shipped in 1 lb box    

In the Box:  

  • 1 SoloQi X Mount

  • 1 Permanent Mag Pad

  • 1 Nano Suction Mag Pad

  • 1 Soft Fabric USB C Cable

  • 1 Alignment Pad

  • 3 replacement pads for desk and car dashboard 

  • 1 Alcohol Prep Pad (clean surface before using)

  • 1 User Manual with Warranty 

Will it work on my phone?

 SoloQi supports over 100 different phone models

List of Qi-enabled phones models


Our mission is to make wireless portable and accessible to everyone and to create seamless and easy-to-use products that complement our lifestyle and simplifies it.

30-day money-back guarantee.

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FCC ID: 2ATOSSQI-X SoloQi LTD Product name: SoloQi wireless charger Model No: SQi-X This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules.